January 2014

Happy New Year, Happy New You?

Have you?  Have you done the inevitable?  Made those new years resolutions that soon begin to slip?

It’s funny isn’t it, how a new year, heralds a new beginning for most of us, when, in reality, it’s another month rolling into another…  I think we are all guilty of it, in some ways.  We reflect, we plan, we ponder, what is in store for us over the course of the next 12 months?

Gym memberships rise, existing members groan at the sudden influx of keen wannabe’s, diet companies rub their hands together with glee at the rise in subscribers who need to be told to eat less and move more, maybe on a weekly basis.  And we all get swept along, some stay the distance, some wane, and by February decide, the time wasn’t right, the moon phase was wrong, they had a bad period, whatever.  The crux of it is, there are a lot of us out there who just need to eat better foods and move around a lot more.

We have been swept along with the coffee and now baking culture, watching Mary Berry eat cake each week and being so slim, failing to recognise that she knows when to stop whilst the rest of us pile into the whole Victoria sponge with a giant fork.

STOP! let’s take a moment. It’s simple really.

We ponder the lack of understanding of our Government, we look at food banks and how awful it is for people who need them, we look at someone begging on the street, then head into a coffee shop for a toasted Panini, then head home to throw away the food that’s gone off in our fridges.

Maybe we do need to make a resolution.  Maybe we need to eat to live, not live to eat.  Maybe we all need to be less wasteful.  Maybe we all need to cut down a bit, share a bit and wise up a bit?  Maybe we all need to slow down for a minute, and stop pumping money into the diet industry, instead into the poor?

What can you change?  I mean really change.  For good?  Not just for January, but forever?

Can we help ourselves and someone else eat well?

Qu’ils mangent de la Brioche”. 


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