Off the wagon again banana and peanut butter toastie.


Recipe inspired by the Queen of indulgence Nigella.

Once again crash bang wallop I have fallen of the wagon and drove home dreaming of what to have for dinner…..banana and peanut butter toastie…..don’t knock it until you try it!!!

2 slices of white bread.
1 small banana (over ripe)
1 tbsp of crunchy peanut butter.
1 tsp honey
Light sprinkle of icing sugar.

Spread one slice of bread with peanut butter, roughly chop banana and place on top, drizzle with honey then cover with other slice of bread, place in either panini maker or sandwich toaster and toast until golden brown, sprinkle with icing sugar – Enjoy !!!

Meatballs & speedy sauce

Sometimes I cook ‘freestyle’ using whatever’s knocking about in the fridge. Tonight I’d got 2 (good quality) burgers and half a tin of toms that needed using up.

first, get your pasta of choice on the go.

Mash up the burgers by hand, adding dried chilli flakes to taste. Form into meatballs (makes apx 12) and gently fry or grill.

for the sauce: put toms in pan, add small amount of water and crumble in a veg or beef stock cube. I’d got a handful of chickpeas leftover so these went in too and a few sliced mushrooms. Another sprinkle of chilli flakes and you’re good to go.

drain the pasta, add sauce and coat well, mix in meatballs.


The ultimate fish-finger sandwich

Just for those Saturday mid-afternoons when everyone is busy doing something else and lunchtime has almost gone, when someone realises they are hungry.


Total cook/prep time:
10-15 minutes

fish fingers
spread (of your choice)
lettuce (about 3 leaves for each round of sandwich)
tomato relish (or, if you prefer, a sparing amount of mayonnaise)
the juice of a lemon (or some squeezy lemon)
hungry people

grill the fish fingers under a medium-high heat, turning occasionally
wash the lettuce, tear it in to small pieces
slice (if you don’t use sliced bread) the bread
apply the spread to one side of each slice
place the fish fingers on to the bottom layer of each round
sprinkle the lemon juice on to the fish fingers
add the lettuce
spread the tomato relish (or mayonnaise) across the inside of the upper layer of each round
cut each round in to two
serve to delighted hungry people.

A snack fit for a king.