The ultimate fish-finger sandwich

Just for those Saturday mid-afternoons when everyone is busy doing something else and lunchtime has almost gone, when someone realises they are hungry.


Total cook/prep time:
10-15 minutes

fish fingers
spread (of your choice)
lettuce (about 3 leaves for each round of sandwich)
tomato relish (or, if you prefer, a sparing amount of mayonnaise)
the juice of a lemon (or some squeezy lemon)
hungry people

grill the fish fingers under a medium-high heat, turning occasionally
wash the lettuce, tear it in to small pieces
slice (if you don’t use sliced bread) the bread
apply the spread to one side of each slice
place the fish fingers on to the bottom layer of each round
sprinkle the lemon juice on to the fish fingers
add the lettuce
spread the tomato relish (or mayonnaise) across the inside of the upper layer of each round
cut each round in to two
serve to delighted hungry people.

A snack fit for a king.

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