Meatballs & speedy sauce

Sometimes I cook ‘freestyle’ using whatever’s knocking about in the fridge. Tonight I’d got 2 (good quality) burgers and half a tin of toms that needed using up.

first, get your pasta of choice on the go.

Mash up the burgers by hand, adding dried chilli flakes to taste. Form into meatballs (makes apx 12) and gently fry or grill.

for the sauce: put toms in pan, add small amount of water and crumble in a veg or beef stock cube. I’d got a handful of chickpeas leftover so these went in too and a few sliced mushrooms. Another sprinkle of chilli flakes and you’re good to go.

drain the pasta, add sauce and coat well, mix in meatballs.


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One Response to Meatballs & speedy sauce

  1. Greedy Girl says:

    What a brilliant way to use up burgers!!

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