Welcome to the first edition & Welcome to July!

As the warm weather approaches, I often find myself dreaming of picnics.

Whether we actually make it out into the wilderness is another thing all together…  However! I dream of soft blankets, warm sun, good company, a glass of fizz and good food…

The reality when we do make it out is, invariably, overpriced hastily bought, rubbish snacks, over-fizzy pop and over-excited kids!

The chance of peace and quiet is a distant dream and the glass of fizz turns into a glass of water, if I’m lucky, after the kids have all dribbled in it….. (not to mention the inevitable chase of the empty crisp packet as it blows through the park).

None the less, the dream remains, and in it, I have lovely home made food and something delicious to drink….

I quite fancy making the Olive Pastries as posted by Alex or Key Lime Pie as posted by Brennig, both would, I’m sure, pack up well for a picnic.

Key Lime Pie 1-580-75

One thing is for sure, I will be making my own Boozy Trifle.  And if neither time nor weather allow for a picnic, I shall find a moments peace for this…

boozy trifleWhat will you be having……..?

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