August 2013

Quick teas for hot days!!


Quick tea idea

Can’t stand the heat? No, nor me. But a gal’s gotta eat. I like to cook and I like to eat, but alas my enthusiasm for cooking abates when the temperature rises.

The idea of a BBQ always sounds nice, but the reality is, after a long day, most of us don’t even have the energy, let alone the desire to consume that much chargrilled food.

I need to be in and out of that kitchen as fast as I can!  Ready chopped lettuce is a real winner for the busy person, I know it’s dearer, but the chances of me buying 3 or 4 varieties and prepping them is highly unlikely.

When my shopping arrives (yes Internet orders for me), I buy bags of mixed peppers, then alternate chopping them into chunks or strips and then freezing – this is a real godsend when you’re worn out, great to throw straight into an omelet, stir fry or sauce.

We had a really good quick tea post this month from Spannermagnet, in 10 mins, delicious Stilton Pasta. Sounds like a win;win to me!! I posted Tuna Pasta Bake, which also, makes great left overs for work!!

Share with us your quick cook ideas, so we can all eat well and still catch the last few rays of the day!


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