September 2013



September already? For the most part, our holidays are over.  Across the country, parents heave a sigh of relief as the commuters heave a sigh of despair!  Back to school and back to work.

If you have a fussy eater, packed lunches are often the best way to monitor the intake, rather than wondering what’s been left on the plate.  But it’s not just the school packed lunches that leave us wondering what we could possibly add that might be a bit more exciting than a stale, or, come to mention it, a soggy sandwich, with a bit of limp lettuce if you’re lucky.

You only have to ponder your own eating habits to really appreciate the boom in “lunch deals”.  The money exchanged by the UK’s workforce over a lunch period must be phenomenal!soup mug

In order to liven things up, and save money, this Sitema soup mug (tried and tested) is great if you’re lucky enough to be near a microwave! It holds a hefty portion, seals tightly for transporting, and can be thrown in the dishwasher at the end of the day. Ocado have them in stock for £4.49, or currently £3.97 from Amazon!! Let’s not forget, of course, it doesn’t just have to be for soup!  Add left over chilli, pasta, baked beans even!

If you’re on the road, then get you’re thinking cap on.  Any home made sandwich will taste better, be cheaper and healthier than any garage or services shop bought rubbish.  There are so many breads, crackers, meats, cheeses, available to us now, the options are endless.  So yes, we are back to work, back to school… back to the daily grind.  But lets not feel blue, lets liven up our lunchtime – make your lunch, make it delicious, AND save money!





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