So what’s for tea?

“I don’t know what to have for tea tonight?”


I think I must say this at least 3 out of 5 days a week in the office.

As the tummy rumbles begin to take hold, my mind drifts to food.  The office discussion commences..  “Well, I’m having….”  “Ooh that sounds nice…”.

So, what *are* you having for tea?  What is your signature dish?  Until recently, my baked potato had been merely zapped in the microwave, and crisped-up in the oven, but after the office chat, they are now lightly covered in olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt to create a taste sensation!

So, I dream of food.  I give food gifts.  I enjoy making food and most of all, I enjoy eating it.  I am greedy and regularly stuff my chops.  I have a geeky friend, who I can pay with food. Between us, we have created this space, online, for us all to share our thoughts, ideas, recipes, questions, discussions and more, around food.

I am not a qualified chef, we are not celebrities.  We are our own critics and our own endorsements.

In 1990 I took my GCSE in Design & Food, and last year I took my level 2 food hygiene certificate, but that is as far as my food/cooking qualifications take me.

If microwaving something constitutes as cooking, then yes, I cook every day.  Sometimes it’s elaborate with pleasure in mind.  Sometimes it’s basic with a need to fill; whatever it is, I cook, I eat, I share.

Please use this website to upload your favourite recipes, find others to try, build your list of favourites, discuss things in the forum.

Stuff My Chops is an open space, it’s free, and it’s for all of us.  It is our online office chat about what you just *might* be having for tea tonight….


Greedy Girl.


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2 Responses to So what’s for tea?

  1. Spannermagnet says:

    Tea tonight will be courtesy of my fabulous local Turkish restaurant. All the more enjoyable as it will be with my good friend Mrs B. It will be a relaxed affair, as they leave us to chat without pestering us for an immediate order. They’ll seat us at our usual table, and know that 2 spritzers are all that’s required to get us started for the night. Not quite decided what I’m in the mood for tonight, but its a decent bet the diet will be busted!