A friend in need…

A friend in need….

….. is a friend who needs a feed… at least that’s how it works in my world. If something goes wrong, you’re hurting, you’re tired, in pain, in need of comfort…. I bring food.

Food for a friend is my sticking plaster. I can’t help a lot. But I can make sure you eat properly. I can give you kind words and a full tummy. That’s what I’m doing later. Delivering food (& kind words). No, it’s not homemade, I am at work after all and today’s mishap (as there is normally something or other) is, I’ve forgotten my purse, leaving me even less time later. I will drive home, collect my purse, head towards the shop and buy something warming and comforting. Something quick and easy. Probably a ready roasted chicken and something from the salad bar.. do you know what else? Maybe even throw away plates and forks. You don’t want a friend in need to be left with more mess right?

Cake too probably*.


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