Itch itch itch

During this spell of hay-fever and suffering as I am, it got me thinking about allergies and life choices…

I have a very mild dairy allergy. It’s ok, I can control it. So long as I don’t ave too much dairy each day. If I had a cheese sandwich every day, I’d get eczema. It would continue to get worse and spread until I stopped. So, cleverly, I don’t have a cheese sandwich everyday…. I drink black coffee. I don’t really eat cereal. So by default it fits around my diet pretty well without too much hassle. I’m lucky, very lucky.

I have friends and relatives not so lucky. Their allergies are severe and life affecting. They carry antihistamines or other mechanisms to control sudden overloads of their allergies.

I sympathise enormously, for various reasons, and where I can, I will always endeavour to give my guest(s) not just something that will do, but something tasty they will enjoy.

Vegetarians and vegans are sorted. I can always come up with something. Also, having tried both diets over a period of time, I am all too aware of the common pitfalls of a particular ingredient some would assume to be “safe”.

I haven’t given enough time to gluten free. I will. In the next couple of months. I’d like to try both sweet and savoury things I like, to see what I can achieve.

I’d love to know what you have made or been inspired by, for and on behalf of a sufferer or finding your own way around your own allergies or diet choices.

At first it can be hard, I’ve seen the look of horror in people’s eyes when I’ve said I have a vegan coming to dinner, but once you’ve opened that door, and your eyes to a world of difference and change, with a little effort, the results can be amazing.

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