The memories of food..

Food is very emotive.  Maybe our feelings cause us to eat too much, or not enough.  Not having enough is distressing (I’ve been there); having too much is overwhelming (I’ve been there too).  One thing for sure is; the memories food can conjure up for us can leave us sad, happy, scared, or full of love! 

Maybe a particular food will bring a memory of a time and place, a person, fond or otherwise. 

I couldn’t face eating cornflakes ever again – after a spell of having them and only them to eat – not through choice, I hasten to add.  My poor mum tried to sweeten them up with a blob of jam.  We had no milk, at the time it was awful, but the memory is fond – we laugh now, and the joke remains about cornflakes and jam.

My mum’s first, and failed, attempts at baking bread – and having to eat it – because there could be no waste and the subsequent relief at my parents being able to afford for her to do a day course on bread making..

My favourite cake remains to be an almond tart – made for me at Christmas by mum, as I was the only one that didn’t like mince pies.  I’ve adapted it now – and will be sharing the recipe this month, so keep an eye out (  I now like mince pies too by the way!  My mum, however, to my relief, continues to make a batch of almond tarts for me at Christmas.

What memories do you have?  What was your favourite dish as a child?  Have you tried to recreate it?  I’d love to hear about your favourite things – why not upload the recipes and share them with us.  

I hope to create fond memories for my children and friends, whether they are laughing about my culinary disaster, or trying to create something I used to make, I hope it puts a smile on their face.

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